Essex Pain Symposium

Oryon Develop are pleased to be returning to Essex for another all day CPD event for allied health professionals. The Essex Pain Symposium will be taking place on Saturday 5th October 2019 between 9.30am and 4.30pm, featuring five talks by leading local experts. This event is taking place at the Holiday Inn Brentwood and includes 7 hours' CPD, speakers' slides and catering throughout the day including a hot and cold buffet lunch. 


Differential Diagnosis of Spine and Limb Pain by Dr Kannan Athreya and Dr Alice Scott, Private GPs 
In this talk Dr Scott and Dr Athreya will cover spine and limb pain, which are unfortunately common conditions in clinic. It is essential that the underlying pathology responsible for this is ascertained so that the appropriate management can be initiated as soon as possible.

This talk will cover:

  • Common causes of spine and limb pain with epidemiology
  • Differential diagnosis principles and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach
  • Importance of detailed history and examination
  • Investigations – when and which to use 

Red Flags in Spinal Pain by Mr Alagappan Sivaraman, Consultant Spinal Surgeon
The management of spinal pain is multi-faceted and often includes a plethora of signs and symptoms. In his first talk Mr Sivaraman will concentrate on avoiding common pitfalls in the management of spinal disorders, also helping in knowing what to do when things don’t make sense and reducing the chances of missing a potentially important diagnosis.

He will discuss the less-commonly presenting conditions and pathologies of the spine, which despite coming up only rarely in clinic should still be recognised during examination. This will include tumours and cancers.

This CPD session will be designed to engage all participants in open dialogue and help break down anxiety and referral for assessment by a spinal surgeon, hopefully providing greater confidence to therapists to discuss these often worrying and challenging issues with their patients.

Sinus and Facial Pain by Mr Paul Chatrath, Consultant ENT Surgeon 
Sinusitis is a common condition affecting 15% of the population in the developed world. Symptoms can be chronic and lead to facial pain and headaches. In this talk Mr Paul Chatrath, Consultant ENT Surgeon, will cover the presentation, causes, diagnosis and treatment of both sinus and facial pain.

  • Facial pain – is it sinus-related? 
  • Sinus-related headaches 
  • Treatment options 

Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia by Dr Daya Ashok, Consultant Rheumatologist 
This talk will focus on the management of patients presenting with widespread pain, especially that arising from rheumatoid conditions. Dr Ashok will discuss pain management and clinical red flags to look out for.  

Dr Ashok will discuss the range of conditions that can produce widespread pain and how to screen for these and mange widespread pain from a multidisciplinary perspective. This will include fibromyalgia, which is one of the commonest musculoskeletal conditions diagnosed at rheumatology clinics but it's diagnosis and management are still sub-optimal for too many sufferers. 

Management of Pain - Up to Date Treatment Options by Mr Alagappan Sivaraman, Consultant Spinal Surgeon
Clearly causes of back pain are multifactorial and one treatment does not fit all. In his second talk of the day, Mr Sivaraman talk will provide a review of the different non-operative and operative techniques available when a patient presents with back pain. The discussion will include the appropriateness, approach and efficacy of treatments such as spinal injections, including:
  • facet blocks
  • medial branch blocks
  • nerve blocks
  • radiofrequency rhizotomies
Mr Sivaraman will also examine advanced imaging techniques as a diagnostic tool in spinal conditions. He will aim to show when to refer and which is the most appropriate test.

Lastly, he will discuss the modern surgical approaches that are available to patients. 


Brentwood Speakers

Consultants Of Various Specialities; General Practitioners | London Central

Please see individual profiles for full speaker biographies:

Mr Alagappan Sivaraman is a full-time private Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon. 

Dr Daya Ashok is a Consultant Rheumatologist based at the Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Mr Paul Chatrath is a Consultant ENT Surgeon with specialist interests in nose and sinus problems, allergy, cosmetic nasal deformities, children’s ENT disorders and snoring.

Dr Alice Scott is a Private GP who offers all aspects of care in General Practice and health screening.

Dr Kannan Athreya is a Private GP with a particular interest in dermatology, minor surgery and advanced aesthetic procedures.

What's included

Admission to all day event, handout booklet containing speaker's notes/slides, breakfast pastries / fruit, mid morning snack, 2 course hot and cold buffet lunch, afternoon snack served with tea and coffee, Certificate of Attendance, 7 hours CPD.

Who should attend

Chiropractors,Osteopaths,Physiotherapists,Podiatrists,Sports Therapists,Hand Therapists,Radiographers,Occupational Therapists,GP

Date and time

Saturday 5th October

09:30 - 16:30


Brentwood Speakers

Consultants Of Various Specialities; General Practitioners


Holiday Inn - Brentwood

Brook Street, Brentwood, Essex

CM14 5NF


£ 119 + VAT


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