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When you open your images in a ResMD window, one set of images should be shown by default. These will usually be tracking images which are taken at the start of the scan to ensure you are in the correct position for the procedure. If you would like to view a different set of images, go to the list of images in the Study List (Fig 1). Either double-click or click and drag the images you want to the main window as shown. To navigate through the images, click and drag the blue circle at the bottom of the main window, scroll with your mouse wheel, or left click and drag the mouse up and down.

If you are opening ResMD and the webpage doesn't load, you might need to update your browser, as older versions of Internet Explorer and Safari aren't able to display ResMD.

If you are unable to open scan images via the images link on the patient's Referral you may need to:

  • Download an alternative internet browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Contact your I.T. team to allow access to ResMD DICOM viewer

The first step in troubleshooting this issue is to identify which browser you are using - it may be that the version you have is fairly outdated and does not support the image viewer that we use. There are known issues viewing images using Safari 5 and Internet Explorer 7. Chrome and Firefox usually default to update automatically so these browsers rarely cause a problem.

Most browsers have an 'About' menu option which will identify the version installed. Usually this is located in the menu accessed near the top right hand corner of your screen. If you are using Safari you can find it by clicking on Safari at the top left hand side.

If you believe your browser to be the issue, we recommend that you update to a newer version or download an alternative (Chrome or Firefox would be the preference). You will then need to login via the new version and try to open the images here.

If using an alternative browser does not fix this issue, it may be that you are accessing the portal on domain/network which restricts access to certain websites. If this is the case, it may be necessary to speak with your IT service provider/department to whitelist the image viewer site (clinking on the images link redirects to this site).

Alternatively you may need to login using a machine that is not on the restricted domain such as a personal computer in a different location or mobile device.

If the above does not help you to resolve your issue, please do get in touch with our team on 020 7042 1881 or email us at connect@oryon.co.uk

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