Oryon Connect FAQs

Have a question? See below for answers to some questions that we are frequently asked which just might solve your query. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.

When you contact Oryon Connect, you’ll reach a friendly team who want to help you find the right practitioner for you, at a time that suits you. We’ll ask you a few questions about your healthcare issue, and then we’ll talk you through your options for practitioners who you could see to help you get a diagnosis and treatment. Call us on 020 7042 1881 or email us on connect@oryon.co.uk.
We primarily help with musculoskeletal pain conditions, such as back pain, knee pain and headaches. However, we can also help with many other issues like cardiovascular conditions and illness.
We work with private GPs, specialised consultants including knee surgeons, spinal consultants and pain consultants, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. For more information, give us a call on 020 7042 1881.
Part of our service is to make sure you’re aware of all your options for who to see. We’ll take your symptoms, budget and location into account and recommend practitioners that could help. You can then make a fully informed decision about where to go.
All our Partners operate in various locations in London, so you’ll be sure to find one to suit your needs. Give us a call on 020 7042 1881 to chat in more detail about your needs.
In some cases, your practitioner may refer you for diagnostic imaging, like an MRI scan, X-ray, ultrasound scan or DEXA scan. If a consultant refers you for imaging, they will schedule a follow-up appointment with you free of charge to discuss the results and decide on a treatment pathway. If any other type of practitioner refers you for imaging, they'll receive the results and explain them to you in an email or a phone call, free of charge. Your practitioner may choose to refer you to our sister brand, Oryon Imaging, or they may refer you elsewhere. Our Partners do have a good working relationship with Oryon Imaging, but there is no obligation for them to send you to us for imaging services; it’s all about what’s best for you.
A referral is required to ensure you receive the most appropriate diagnostic test and a suitable aftercare plan or treatment. You’ll need a referral to book any scan except for DEXA scans, which you can self-refer for.
You can get a referral from a qualified healthcare professional. If you don’t have a referral, we provide a scan referral service where you can get a trusted referral within one working day, from MyDoc, our Partner GP. For more information, take a look at our blog.
  • Private GP - £60 telephone / £80 face-to-face
  • AHP (Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor) - £90
  • Consultant in Pain Medicine - £250 face-to-face (includes follow-up appointment)
  • Consultant in Sports & Exercise Medicine / Knee Consultant - £250 (includes follow-up appointment)
  • Spinal Consultant - £300 (includes follow-up appointment)
No. Unlike many private doctor services, you’ll never have to pay any hidden extras with Oryon Connect. Of course, if your practitioner recommends an additional test, for example an MRI scan or blood tests, you’ll have to pay for the test itself, but you won’t be charged for the referral.

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