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Since we opened our doors in 2012, we’ve worked with over 14,000 referrers, including allied health professionals, consultants and GPs. We’ve welcomed over 146,000 patients to our clinic, 92% of whom would recommend us to friends, family or colleagues, and who have rated us an average of 4.4/5 on Google. Read on to find out why.

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MRI from £250

X-ray from £55

DEXA £95

Ultrasound from £265

We offer diagnostic imaging at an affordable price, with no compromise on quality. Our flexible pricing scheme for our MRI appointments allows us to offer highly affordable appointments throughout the week, not just on weekends. Prices are based on the day and time of the appointment, as well as the region(s) being scanned, so your patients will always be able to find an appointment at a time and price to suit them. We’re covered by all major UK insurers, so we’re also a great option for patients with health insurance.

Take a look at our live pricing calendar to see what we offer to our self-pay patients, as well as our availability. Need to refer a patient today? You can get a real-time view of all of our same-day MRI availability, including what scanner type, appointment cost and appointment time length.

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With a 1.5T MRI scanner at our clinic on Wimpole Street and a 3T scanner at our second location on Dover Street, Consultant-led Ultrasound, expert X-ray Radiographers and DEXA Technicians, we offer top quality images for all scan types. When coupled with the clear, accurate reporting produced by our radiologists, you’ll receive everything you need to provide the best care to your patients. You can also share referrals on the community, for example to forward results to an orthopaedic colleague.

Example report

You can access your imaging results via Connect. Connect allows you to view and download your images. Clinicians can use Connect to share reports with you on request. We also use IEP. You can call us to request transfer over IEP to yourself or to another clinician. IEP supports international transfers and your information can be transferred overseas too. Find out more about IEP.

We’ve worked with some of London’s top Consultant Radiologists for over 11 years, so we’ve developed a strong relationship with them. Their variety of specialisms allows us to assign scan images to the best possible radiologist, who can interpret them and provide an in-depth report. All our radiologists are UK-based and hold substantive NHS positions in top hospitals such as King’s College and Guy’s and St Thomas.

Our radiologists

Making referrals to Oryon Imaging is fast, easy and efficient. Our secure online community saves time for you and your patients, allowing you to diagnose them quickly and get them on their treatment pathway sooner. You can also send us a referral form with your patient’s details on it, and we’ll contact them to book them in.

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Open 8am-10pm weekdays, 8am-8pm weekends


Scan images available immediately online on our platform Connect and via IEP

96% of patients would recommend our services

92% of patients would recommend our services


Reports sent within one working day


Same day appointments available


View reports securely online


Fast appointments – 84% of patients get an appointment within a week


Worked with over 14,000 referrers since we opened in 2012

Did you that at Oryon we have online community, Connect, which you can use to make your referral process easier and faster.

Qualified healthcare professionals can register for our secure online Community, Connect, where you can make referrals, see live prices and availability, book patients in for appointments, manage your referrals and see scan images and reports. Click the button below to log in or call us on02070421881for more information.

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Your patients’ safety and care are our highest priorities. We are CQC registered and constantly strive to deliver to the highest standards of care.

Approved by all major insurers.

If you need to refer a patient on to a specialist following your diagnosis, we can help. The Oryon Connect team can introduce your patient(s) to trusted practitioners who can expedite their journey to an effective treatment.

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Our referrer welcome book contains more info on what we do, how we work and our journey so far.

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I have been using Oryon Imaging for some time now and I am really pleased with their service. Their prices are competitive and affordable for self-pay patients. The referral community is very user friendly and patients like being able to choose time slots and know up front prices at the point of requesting their imaging in clinic. Their community for viewing images and reports is excellent and gives patients and clinicians truly portable private care without having to obtain or remember to bring CDs to clinic appointments.”

Nick Ferran, Consultant Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

I am a clinician who deals with many complex patients, as such I refer for imaging frequently to help with the diagnostics of many of my patients. [Oryon] Imaging is my preferred provider for several reasons. The online [community] works extremely well, so we can enter all the patient’s data online, even book appointments; it’s seamless. Patients give consistently good feedback about the care they receive from [Oryon] Imaging when they attend for their imaging. The images (which are generally great quality) are accessed online soon after the patient’s images are performed and radiology reports from a variety of Consultant Radiologists are usually available within 24 hours.

Compared to other imaging providers in Central London, [Oryon] Imaging are very reasonably priced which makes a huge difference to my patients, many of whom are self-pay. I have no hesitation in recommending [Oryon] Imaging for X-ray, MRI and US diagnostics.

Gerry Gajadharsingh, Osteopath

I really like the community because it allows me to manage all my appointments, access my images and tweak appointments as I need to. Being able to share and access the images instantly after the players have been seen has really expedited our diagnostic and interventional pathways, which has really helped with getting players on the road to recovery that little bit quicker, and working in sport, that’s imperative for us.

Dan Watson, Physiotherapist

All our Sayer Clinics’ practitioners have benefited from Oryon’s high quality imaging service for our patients which is quick, efficient, easily booked and organised and clearly reported so that we get diagnostic answers for our patients without delay. Oryon’s speed, accuracy and efficiency matches that of Sayer Clinics.
We also enjoy and benefit from Oryon’s informative, well organised lectures and events.
Well done and many thanks, Michael.

Michael Durtnall DC MSc FRCC (Ortho)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine Chairman: Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics: London W8, W1, EC2

I would like to congratulate Oryon on their great service. This was my first time referring a patient to Oryon and I was very impressed with their secure online portal and how efficient they were at sending me my patient’s report.

Jill Gamlin MBE, MSc, MCSP, FMACP
Independent Consultant Physiotherapist

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