A referral is required to ensure you receive the most appropriate diagnostic test and a suitable aftercare plan or treatment. You’ll need a referral to book any scan except for DEXA scans, which you can self-refer for.
You can get a referral from a qualified healthcare professional. If you don't have a referral, we provide a scan referral service where you can get a trusted referral within one working day, from a healthcare professional. For more information, take a look at our blog.
Yes, we offer plenty of same-day availability for MRI scans. You can get a real-time view of all of our same-day MRI availability here, including what scanner type, appointment cost and appointment time length.
To refer a patient to Oryon Imaging for MRI, Ultrasound, DEXA or X-ray you must be a: GMC registered doctor or Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath registered with a governing body in the UK. If you are an Allied Health Professional and wish to refer a patient for X-ray you must first sign an IRMER declaration stating that you fully understand the risks of exposing a patient to radiation.
We’ve made referring patients to Oryon Imaging easier than ever. If you have a community account, you can log in here and make referrals online. If you would like to set one up, please contact us on 020 7042 1888, or at imaging@oryon.co.uk or click here to sign up. Our community allows you to refer patients, book them in, and view their scan images and reports, all in one place. Alternatively, you can still send referrals by downloading our referral form here. Provide as much information as possible and send the referral in one of the following ways: One of our friendly Bookings team will contact your patient to arrange a suitable appointment.
Our referral form is clearly formatted, requesting all of the information we need about you and your patient. Please complete as much of the form as you can as this will speed up the process of booking your patient an appointment, reducing the amount of follow-up in order to obtain more information to complete the booking. Remember to tick which examination is required, clearly state the region and provide clinical details as to what you are querying and symptoms displayed. These details are used by the reporting Radiologist to formulate the report. At the bottom, your information should be full and complete so we know where to send the report and can contact you in urgent cases.
No, we do not have an open MRI scanner here. Our MRI is tube-shaped, open at both ends and in a spacious room. If your patient suffers from claustrophobia or is anxious in small spaces, you should know our radiographers are highly trained to make them feel comfortable and at ease. As a result we have a high success rate with these patients making it through their scans.
Yes. We see many patients with claustrophobia, as well as those who are anxious or concerned. Our radiographers and consultants are trained to help you feel at ease. MRIs, in particular, can appear daunting. Please bear in mind that:
  • The scanner is open at both ends and is located in a spacious room – many of our patients mention how much this helps reduce the feeling of being enclosed.
  • The radiographer is always in contact – the radiographer provides regular updates on how much time is left in each scan, and regularly checks in to see if everything is alright. All our radiographers have carried out thousands of scans, so they know exactly how to deal with patients with worries or fears.
  • Call bell – you will be given a call bell to hold for the duration of the scan. If, at any point, you need to stop the scan, simply squeeze the handheld call bell and the radiographers will immediately check in to see what the problem is. You can be withdrawn from the scanner in seconds if need be.
  • Sliding in and out of the scanner – many patients have a fear of enclosed spaces, and of being trapped. If you have this fear, we are very happy to slide you in and out of the scanner a few times to show you that you are always able to exit the scanner in a matter of seconds.
  • Sedatives – you may wish to take a mild sedative before the scan. This does not put you to sleep, but rather relaxes you enough to control your nerves and put you at ease for the scan. If this is a route you wish to take, contact your referrer/GP to request a prescription for sedatives.
  • Accompaniment – many people feel far more comfortable when a friend or relative accompanies them in the scanning room. The friend or relative will have to fill out a form to accompany you in the MRI room.
  • Headphones – headphones or earplugs are always provided due to the noise of the machine. If you wish, you can listen to music of your choice through the headphones during the scan. You can also request an eye mask if you think it will help.
  • Mirror – in many cases, a mirror can be provided so that you can see out of the scanner, which reduces the feeling of being enclosed.
  • Pre-scan visit – if you wish to see the MRI scanner before your appointment, a pre-scan visit can be arranged, where you can ask questions and take a quick tour of the machine. patients often find that this helps with any nerves on the day of the appointment.
If you would like to talk through your concerns with a radiographer, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7042 1888. One of our radiographers will be happy to talk to you and put your mind at ease. Watch Samer from our Bookings team on YouTube.
There are no height restrictions when it comes to our MRI scanner, however we are unable to scan a patient who weighs over 130kg/20st/300pounds. Broad shoulders can also prevent a patient from reaching the correct position in the scanner. If in doubt please call us on 020 7042 1888 or email imaging@oryon.co.uk.
Yes, we welcome children for MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray however age and temperament of the child does need to be considered. During an MRI scan, a child must be very still and follow the instructions of the radiographer. They must be able to remain calm during the scan – moving, fidgeting or talking will blur the images. A parent is invited to stay in the MRI room with their child during the scan to provide comfort. The parent will have to fill out a form to accompany their child. In some cases, however, it is more suitable for children to have their MRI at a paediatric hospital. These hospitals are able to administer sedation or anaesthetic where appropriate. While we do not X-ray babies or small children, we occasionally have child patients for X-ray. We also offer ultrasound services for children and babies of all ages. Our specialist paediatric Consultant Radiologist, Dr Samir Alwan, has a clinic on Monday Afternoons. Read more.
It will be one of our top priorities. You will be able to stay with your child throughout their appointment, including during the scan. We recommend that you prepare your child by telling them what to expect. As an example, MRIs will require your child to lie in an open-ended tube. They will be asked to stay very still, so you could practise this beforehand. The MRI machine makes loud rhythmic noises, but the radiographer will give them headphones to cover their ears. If you have any more concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7042 1888. One of our radiographers will be happy to talk to you and put your mind at ease.
Yes, Oryon Imaging offers some MRI scans with contrast to adults over the age of 18 years old. We ensure the highest level of patient safety and always have a doctor on site when administering contrast. Patients over the age of 65 are required to provide a blood test less than a month old showing their creatinine level/eGFR. Patients with history of renal disease or kidney problems are also asked to provide details of their creatinine levels to make sure it is safe for them to receive contrast.
T stands for Tesla, the unit of measurement for magnetic force. Technically speaking, a 3T scanner is more powerful than a 1.5T scanner. However, the story is a little more complicated than this. Read our blog to find out more. At Oryon Imaging, we offer both 1.5T and 3T MRI scanning. At our first location in Wimpole Street, we have a 1.5T scanner. In our second location in Dover Street, we have a 3T scanner.
If you are having an MRI scan, please arrive at the Centre at your appointment time. You will find us on the lower ground floor. We normally allow approximately 20 minutes for check-in, so for example if your appointment time is 16:00, your scan will be scheduled to take place at 16:20. For Ultrasound, DEXA and X-ray scans, your appointment time is when the scan is scheduled to be performed, so please arrive no later than 10 minutes before your appointment time. Our Reception team will greet you and check you in. As part of the check-in procedure we ask you to answer safety questions and fill in other forms if necessary. Feel free to use our complimentary Wifi while you wait. You will then be introduced to your radiographer or consultant who will explain the scan procedure and answer any questions you have. To find out details of your specific appointment, please visit the page of the the scan you are having.
MRI scanners use a strong magnetic field, so we need to make sure that you are safe to enter the scanning room, (as an example, some types of implants aren’t suitable for the scanner). Our safety questions only deal with internal, hidden or non-removable implants, so if you have visible items such as an external hearing aid we may ask you to remove it on the day. We always double check the safety questions with you before your scan just to be safe.
There is no harm in including it. It is important to provide as complete and as accurate information as possible. You are welcome to discuss your concerns with our Bookings team or our radiographers before the scan. Please contact us on 020 7042 1888 if you have any questions.
The scan images are available immediately after the scan. You can access your images through your online community account. A Consultant Radiologist will analyse and report on your scan. We aim to make the report available to your referring clinician within one working day. Please note that, in keeping with clinical governance, we do not provide patients with a copy of the report. Please arrange an appointment with your referring clinician to discuss the results. Contact us if you have any further questions in regards to your scan images or report.
You can obtain your report from your referring clinician. We aim to make the reports available to referrers within one working day on our online community. If you would like us to share your report with another clinician, contact us and we can arrange that for you. We are guided by our duty of care to ensure that each of our patients are provided the most appropriate medical follow-up as a result of the scan. We share reports with referrers rather than patients in order to make sure that you are advised (your referring clinician is able to advise you after reviewing the scan report letter written by the radiologist) on the required treatment pathway or appropriate further tests if necessary. If you have any questions regarding your report, or the release of your medical records in line with the General Data Protection Regulation, please contact us on 020 7042 1888 or at imaging@oryon.co.uk.
Images are available on our online community as soon as the scan is completed for both patients and referrers. We aim to make the report available to the referrer within one working day. The quickest way to access the report is through our community, but it can also be faxed or posted. Urgent reports can be produced given prior notice and may carry an additional cost. If you're a patient, the best way to see your report is to book a follow-up consultation with your referrer. For more information please call 020 7042 1888 or email imaging@oryon.co.uk.
It may be possible for us arrange this if necessary. Please tell us your requirements as far in advance as you can so we can try and make the arrangements with the Clinical team including the reporting radiologist.
The best way to access your imaging results is via Connect. Connect allows you to view and download your images. Clinicians can use Connect to share reports with you on request. We also use IEP. You can call us to request transfer over IEP to yourself or to another clinician. IEP supports international transfers and your information can be transferred overseas too. Find out more about IEP.
Oryon Imaging is conveniently located in the heart of Central London. We have two locations where we carry out diagnostic scanning: Wimpole Street and Dover Street. You can reach us by road, the tube, rail or bus. View our location and further directions here.
We operate a cancellation policy for all our services. Any cancellations that occur 48 hours or more before the appointment time can be rescheduled at no cost to the customer. You can review our full cancellation terms here.
Yes. You can view our CQC rating and report here.
To request a referral pack, simply send your name and postal address through to imaging@oryon.co.uk If there's anything specific you'd like such as leaflets on a particular service, please mention this in your email.
Your feedback, positive or negative, is very important to us because it allows us to enhance our service. You can leave us a review on the following platforms: Alternatively, if you want to file a complaint about any part of our service, please view our complaints document. You can also send us an email at imaging@oryon.co.uk or call us on 020 7042 1888

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