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Our DEXA service

Do you need a bone density scan in Central London?

Did you know you can get a bone density scans with us from just £95? To book follow the simple steps outlined below.


If you don’t have a referral

DEXA is the only scan type that you can self-refer for at our centre. This means you do not need a referral form from a healthcare practitioner, but you must be registered with a UK practitioner. If you think you need a DEXA scan to check for osteoporosis, just fill out our self-referral form and email Once this has been approved, you will receive a call from us to get you booked in for the scan.

If you have a referral

If you need a DEXA scan and you have a referral, you can send it to us by email and we will call you to book you in, or you can call us on 020 7042 1888 to book an appointment.

How do I refer a patient for a DEXA scan?

To refer a patient for DEXA, log in or sign up to our online community, Connect. Here you can submit referrals, book patient appointments, view scan images and reports, and manage patient appointments.

You can also email us referrals, and we will call your patient to arrange an appointment.

What is DEXA?

A DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan uses very low levels of X-rays to measure the density and therefore the strength of bones. Sometimes it goes by other names, such as DXA or bone densitometry.

Certain bone conditions and medications may contribute to the loss of bone density, which can be detected by DEXA, a fast and accurate test that is more sensitive than ordinary X-rays when it comes to measuring the density of bones. It’s also useful for clinicians to assess bone injuries and fractures, and the effectiveness of treatment for low bone mineral density.

DEXA scans can measure the mineral content in your bones, which can’t be measured as accurately in an ordinary X-ray.

For example, normal X-rays can only detect osteoporosis when around one-third of the bone mass has already been lost.

Our service

Efficiency: The average time patients spend in our imaging centre during a DEXA scan is 45 minutes. This involves being checked in, having the scan, and leaving.

Central location: We are in the heart of London’s world-renowned Harley Street medical district on Wimpole Street, just a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus or Bond Street tube station.

Consultant-led approach: All our exams are reported by one of our expert Consultant Specialists.

Rapid online results: Patients and their referrers can see the scan images immediately after the patient finishes their scan on our secure online community, Connect. We aim to upload reports to the referring clinician’s account within one working day. Call us on 020 7042 1888 to get set up with an account in a few easy steps. Alternatively, login details are emailed to you automatically when we receive your first referral.

A quality service: The quality of our service is recognised by all major insurers including BUPA, AXA PPP and WPA. We are also registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

DEXA clinic availability

  • Open Monday to Friday

Your DEXA journey

Before your appointment

Once we’ve received your referral, our radiographers will triage it, (this is to assess the clinical need for a scan, and to make sure you are having the right scan). Once we’ve confirmed your referral and you’ve been booked in for your scan, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your appointment.

We recommend wearing clothing with no metal, as it blocks the X-rays and can decrease the quality of the images.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the centre in Central London, you’ll be checked in by a member of staff at our reception on the lower ground floor. You’ll be greeted by the DEXA Technician, who will show you to the DEXA room.

During your appointment

Once in the DEXA room, you’ll have your height and weight measured to help in a diagnosis. You’ll be asked to lie on the DEXA bed, and a scanning arm will pass over you. The scan itself only takes a couple of minutes.

After your appointment

There are no side effects of a DEXA scan, so you can leave immediately and continue your normal daily activities.

Your scan images and analysis will be printed out and given to you after the scan, and are also uploaded to Connect, our secure online community, immediately after the scan. One of our Consultant Specialists draws up a report, which we aim to send to your referring clinician via Connect within one working day. If you have self-referred, this report will be sent to you and your GP. To discuss your report and to find out what your next steps might be, you should make an appointment with your clinician.

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  • MRI from £250
  • Ultrasound from £265
  • X-ray from £55
  • DEXA from £95

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You can also self-refer for a DEXA scan to test for osteoporosis by downloading and returning our self-referral form, above.