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What’s changed at Oryon Develop in the past 10 years?

What’s changed at Oryon Develop in the past 10 years?

Posted on Fri Oct 30, 2020

Since the founding of Oryon Develop (initially known as CPD Gateway) in 2010, we’ve put on over 550 courses, worth over 1,500 hours of CPD.

Having worked with over 250 speakers, we know a thing or two about putting on a great CPD course!

Oryon Develop CPD Courses

Back to the beginning

Simon Jones, a Physiotherapist based in Milton Keynes, has been attending our courses since 2011, so we caught up with him to find out what has kept him coming back over the years.

“I heard about you after I referred for an MRI and booked onto my first event in 2011, ‘Sports Medicine Update: Hamstring Injuries & Sports Medicine Injection Therapy,’” says Simon. “The course was really well-organised and interesting, and I thought it was great value for money.”

When CPD Gateway was founded in 2010, courses focused largely on MSK conditions, bringing in expert Consultant speakers to discuss the latest developments in surgical and conservative treatments. The courses were generally held in Central London, attracting healthcare professionals from all over South England.

“I’ve been a regular at events since then,” says Simon. “As I’m based just outside London, zipping into town for an evening lecture was really convenient, and the chance to network with peers was invaluable.”


In January 2019, when CPD Gateway and London Imaging Centre merged under one umbrella, we became Oryon Develop and adopted a new slogan: ‘Learn something new in healthcare.’ This is something we’re really passionate about; providing our audience with useful learning to take away with them and, if they are practitioners, to use in clinic.

“[Webinars] are short, sharp and well-delivered, not to mention being way ahead of competitors’ offerings!”


In January 2020, we changed some aspects of Oryon Develop’s service, increasing the number of non-Consultant speakers we work with, and adding more holistic courses to complement our MSK offering. This includes courses like ‘Vitamin D – More Than Just Sunlight’ and ‘Stress, Fatigue & Hormones – Getting the Balance Back,’ run by specialist practitioners.

“I like the more holistic courses even if they don’t directly apply to my day-to-day practice,” says Simon. “It’s always useful to gain a little more in-depth knowledge of other areas of practice, helping to make me a more rounded practitioner: Dr Monica Lascar’s recent webinar on testosterone deficiency, for example.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that Oryon Develop is very good at offering diverse, holistic courses whilst ensuring that they stay evidence-based, which can be hard to do.”

The pandemic

In March, as the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we swiftly moved our courses online, delivering interactive courses from the safety of our homes. As the pandemic has yet to subside, our courses are still running online, so we’ve been constantly improving during this time, making our webinars even more interactive and slick.

“I’ve enjoyed the webinars I’ve recently attended,” says Simon. “They are short, sharp and well-delivered; not to mention being way ahead of competitors’ offerings!”

Oryon Develop Webinars

Our webinars have proven very successful, with 71% of our audience having attended one or more of our live online courses since the pandemic hit in March. However, one of our core offerings has always been all-day courses, offering 7 or 8 hours of CPD, the chance to network with fellow healthcare professionals and learn something new in healthcare from renowned practitioners.

We’re excited to be offering two online masterclasses, both spread over two weekends: “Head to Toe: An Online Orthopaedic Masterclass” and the “10th Annual Spinal Symposium.” These events offer fantastic value for money, with the Spinal Symposium Early Bird price giving 10 hours of CPD for just £99+VAT!

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Having established a fantastic customer base since our inception in 2010, we have listened to what they were saying and, in 2020, made some changes to the courses we offer, to include more holistic courses and more non-Consultant speakers.

Then, in March when the pandemic hit, we moved all our courses online and are continuing to do this until we’re able to offer physical courses.

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