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Who we are

We are formed of three brands, which together aim to show the way to better health. Just follow the links below to find affordable imaging services, interesting CPD courses and our secure online community, Connect.

The Oryon umbrella brand has the singular aim of making the quality of the private healthcare we offer as high as we possibly can. We do this by offering efficient, affordable and accessible diagnostic imaging with a service which is easy to use for patients and referrers alike, putting on CPD courses to broaden the professional horizons of allied health professionals, and through the use of our secure online community, Oryon Connect, which expedites the journey to a diagnosis by simplifying the booking and results process.

And, coming soon, our new service which comes under Oryon Connect will further improve the efficiency of healthcare journeys by matching patients who have musculoskeletal or neurological concerns with the most appropriate clinician, defining the journey and transparently showing all the options open to the patient.

Our brands


Affordable diagnostic imaging in London’s world-renowned Harley Street district.


Convenient, affordable CPD for allied health professionals.


Showing the way to better health.

Our Values

Oryon offers innovative, personalised healthcare that is affordable, straightforward and convenient.

Our services are delivered by dedicated and approachable team in a friendly and professional environment that inspires confidence and reassures patients.

By providing opportunities for networking and collaboration between healthcare professionals, we strive to make healthcare provision more innovative, flexible and efficient.

Our Vision and Mission

Oryon’s vision, and therefore the driving force behind everything we do, is to become the go-to place for affordable, private diagnostic and preventative healthcare in the UK.

Our mission is threefold.

Firstly, to provide the quickest, most affordable and personalised healthcare available, through the services of Oryon Imaging and Oryon Connect.

Secondly, for Oryon Develop to become the leading voice for expertise within the wellness sector, a place where both healthcare professionals and the public can engage with the latest healthcare and wellbeing content.

And finally, to encourage and inspire our colleagues to embrace and contribute to the innovation-led culture that is at the heart of everything Oryon stands for.

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We are always on the look-out for driven professionals who will fit well into our fantastic team.


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Dr Colin Crosby shares his tips on how to avoid injury whilst skiing.


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Posted on Thu Jan 31, 2019

Deepu Sethi, Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon, and Stephen Holloway, Physiotherapist, discuss treatment methods for skiing injuries.



Oryon Launch Video


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