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Oryon Imaging is a diagnostic imaging centre, based on Wimpole Street in London’s world-renowned Harley Street district. We pride ourselves on offering the most accessible and affordable private MRI scans, Ultrasound scans, X-rays and DEXA scans possible. Previously known as London Imaging Centre, Oryon Imaging exists to make sure that the path to a diagnosis is efficient, informative and affordable for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.


Our scans

We provide a comprehensive range of private diagnostic scans in Central London for insured and self-pay patients. Click on the scan type you need to find out more.

MRI from £200


X-Ray from £40


Ultrasound from £250


DEXA from £65



Our testimonials

I was pleased with the service I received at the clinic and would use again if I needed any more scans. I found the price very reasonable and have passed details to a work colleague.

Both the lady behind reception and the guy who took me in for the MRI were excellent. Such friendly and efficient service, you do an amazing job.

Blog posts


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It is a natural human instinct to be a little cautious of new and unfamiliar experiences. (more…)

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Hip pain: diagnosing and managing your patient’s running injury

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Running Injuries Of The Knee

Running injuries of the knee: what’s significant, when to investigate and how to treat

Posted on Wed Apr 24, 2019

Knees put up with a huge amount of strain during most types of activity. So what are the most effective treatments when running injuries occur?


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