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Rehab and Recovery A Masterclass in a Day

Oryon Develop course: Rehab and Recovery

Posted on Tue Jun 25, 2019

Saturday 15th June saw over 70 allied health professionals gathering in London Waterloo for Oryon Develop’s all-day CPD course, ‘Rehab and Recovery: A Masterclass in a Day’.

Five leading London consultants delivered engaging talks on this topic throughout the day, giving valuable insight and guidance on musculoskeletal conditions and how best to rehabilitate post-surgery.

Optimising the Outcome of Knee Replacements

Mr Arjuna Imbuldeniya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, opened the day with an in-depth look at knee replacement. Mr Imbuldeniya highlighted the increasing issue of how modern lifestyles, including the rush to get back to full health, can adversely affect recovery times as patients don’t follow directions from their practitioners.

He also explored the reasons why surgery, despite amazing modern techniques, can still fail to accommodate people’s varying physiologies, impeding a good surgical outcome and leaving patients unhappy.

Lastly, Mr Imbuldeniya imparted his recommended rehabilitation techniques and structured plans for patients following surgery.

Sports Injuries to the Shoulder: Prevention and Recovery

Mr Ziali Sivardeen, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, delivered the second talk on the topic of sports injuries to the shoulder, including injury prevention and recovery options.

Emphasising that the patient’s clinical history is of the utmost importance, Mr Sivardeen highlighted the factors, (ranging from previous surgeries to position on the sports pitch), that could inform the best possible plan of action for the patient’s recovery.

Mr Sivardeen also drew on case studies in which he used manual tests to help diagnose the injuries, sparking an engaging discussion with the audience.

Red Flags in the Spine

Mr Bahram Fakouri, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon, hosted the third talk of the day, which focused on red flags associated with the spine.

As a last-minute replacement for another speaker who was called into surgery on the day, Mr Fakouri discussed several case studies which highlighted examples of complicated spinal pathologies.

He also presented some scan images and explained how to read them, which again sparked an enthusiastic discussion between himself and audience members.


Hip Prehab, Rehab and Pitfalls – How To Pick a Winner

Following a delicious buffet lunch, Mr Paul Jairaj, Consultant Hip Surgeon, shed some light on the management of Femoroacetabular Impingement.

To help understand this condition, caused when extra bone grows on one or both bones in the hip joint, Mr Jairaj delved into hip anatomy. Like Mr Sivardeen, Mr Jairaj placed emphasis on the history of the patient and its importance when establishing a diagnosis. He also explained the tests used when examining patients and the type of imaging modalities that can be used to get further insight into the condition.

Interestingly, Mr Jairaj focused not just on rehabilitation, but also on pre-habilitation, which has an important influence on the outcome of hip surgery.

Sports Surgery of the Foot and Ankle – Recovery, Rehabilitation and Return to Play

Mr Amit Amin, Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon, rounded off the day with an excellent lecture on sports injuries to the foot and ankle and how to rehabilitate them.

Mr Amin guided the audience through a variety of interesting case studies, scan images and specific rehabilitation programs aimed at these sports injuries, supported strongly by modern scientific literature.


Thank you to all the consultants who joined us to speak at the event, and to all the attendees who came to see them! We hope to see everyone soon at another Oryon Develop course.

With great expert speakers, top venues and affordable prices why not come and find out why 98% of our delegates would recommend us?


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