I am a patient; I want to know more about IEP

The Image Exchange Portal

I am a patient; I want to know more about IEP

Posted on Fri Nov 18, 2022

The Image Exchange Portal is now implemented.

What is IEP?

The Image Exchange Portal (IEP) is the application of a cloud-based solution that allows healthcare professionals to securely collaborate and transfer patient images from one hospital or clinic to another. Your referring clinician may use IEP to request your images from us.

Image Credit: IEP SECTRA

How does IEP work for patients?

IEP is predominantly used by clinicians. If you would like to access your results via IEP we will send you a one-time password, you can log in and download your files from there.

Why does Oryon use IEP?

The IEP service is used by many large hospitals and clinics in the UK, connecting different organisations and allowing them to securely transfer images between them. At Oryon, improvement is a constant process; we communicate with our clinicians and find the best ways to collaborate with them effectively and without a delay.

Who has access to IEP?

Your referring clinician may use IEP at their hospital or clinic in which case they are able to request a transfer of your images to them. We can also use IEP to share your images directly with you or another healthcare professional who is involved in your onward care.

What is the best way to get access to my imaging results?

The best way to access your imaging results is via Connect. Connect allows you to view and download your images. Clinicians can use Connect to share reports with you on request. We also use IEP. You can call us to request transfer over IEP to yourself or to another clinician. IEP supports international transfers and your information can be transferred overseas too.

If you would like to give us feedback on our services, you can get in touch here.

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