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Helena Bridge

Helena Bridge, DO (1991)

Registered Osteopath & educator

PGCE (Clinical & Academic Education)

EOT (Effective Online Tutoring, Oxon)

PGCE (Clin. Management of Headache Disorders, University of Edinburgh, currently in final year of Master's in Pain/Headache management).

Introduction to headaches in primary care:

Worldwide studies suggest that 7- 11% of patients attending MSK clinics suffer from head and facial pain, yet there is little structured undergraduate headache education among our professions. Helena Bridge and her teaching team are actively working to address this education gap.

In 2014 Helena embarked on an integrated MSc Pain course at the University of Edinburgh, which incorporated a PGCE in Clinical Management of Headache Disorders to offset the lack of CPD courses on this subject. 

For the last 6 years, Helena has taught in the student clinic at the ESO (European School of Osteopathy), where, three years later, she then founded and led the weekly ESO Headache Clinic (www.eso.ac.uk/eso-clinic/our-clinics/headache-clinic/). 

OPHM (Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches & Migraines)

In early 2016 Helena also helped found and co-chair OPHM, which has grown into a busy multidisciplinary teaching group.

Attendees are warmly invited to apply to join the OPHM facebook group (http://www.ophm.org). Our ongoing scientific news and case-sharing debates flow freely in a mutually respectful atmosphere of shared learning. We look forward to welcoming all physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths and their students onto this inclusive forum.

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