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On-Demand Innovation with Oryon Develop!

On-demand Innovation with Oryon Develop

Posted on Tue Feb 16, 2021

Today is World Innovation Day so being the innovative company that we are, we thought we’d let you know about our ground-breaking new on-demand service for healthcare professionals. Innovation is great for so many reasons including creating new ideas which lead to positive effective change.   

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat” Steve Jobs.

This quote from Steve Jobs is excellent because it highlights the importance of adapting to new opportunities that have arisen to improve the customer experience. Apple have been famously achieving this for years, especially with their phones, through listening to their customers and adapting to the changes their target audience want. They have done it so well that 51.57% of the United Kingdom now own an iPhone according to Statcounter (2021). On-demand services are similar;  they enhance the  customer experience by finding another way to meet the needs of the customer, especially in an era where our lives are very busy.

Where has on-demand been successful?

The on-demand service, aka watching content when you want, has come to life in the recent decade to the point where 53% of households in the UK are subscribed to at least one video-on-demand service (Finder, 2020). Netflix in 2010 had a net growth of £1.68b, by 2020 this had grown exponentially to £17.64b (Finder.com, 2020). According to Finder (2020), Netflix is the top on-demand service provider with 13.01 million UK subscribers, followed by Amazon Prime who have 7.86 million. Disney + too has welcomed an amazing 4.6 million subscribers since they launched on 24 March 2020demonstrating there is a large market for on-demand services.

What makes on-demand successful?

Every successful on-demand service needs lots of great content with regular new uploads. Great content is arguably the most important in the criteria as this is what lures watchers to the platform. For example, Disney + knew that their Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel film collections would attract people to their platform because of their large fan bases.

Amazon Prime is top in providing great content, as they have all their content connected to Prime, but they also provide customers with the ability to purchase extra content on top of their subscriptions. Therefore, they offer over three times the amount of content that Netflix, their biggest competitor has (Finder.com, 2020).

Regular new uploads are pivotal for keeping customers engaged with your content. Netflix do this brilliantly by letting their users know when the next season of their favourite shows are coming back. They also provide a schedule of what content will be uploaded for the next two weeks. Therefore, users are more likely to keep paying for their service because the future content is displayed clearly.

Why have we decided to move to on-demand?

As an innovative company that welcomes change as a chance to grow, we saw an opportunity to make the lives of our fantastic customers a bit easier by providing our courses on-demand. We’ve tried running our courses at different times in the day for our customers but believe it or not, their daily schedules do not sync perfectly together, so some of them may have missed out on a course or they forgot to sign up. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for us to take this opportunity to create a flexible on-demand service where learning can be undertaken at your convenience, where popular courses from the past can become popular courses in the present, and where CPD point will be at the ready for every course a customer watches.

What will make our on-demand successful?

Our on-demand platform offers CPD at your convenience. Providing over 40 top quality healthcare courses to watch when you want. Our courses are delivered by top leading subject specialists across a variety of fields, covering topics from gut health to mental health to sports injuries. Our prices are affordable and there is no time-limit on your recording – so you can re-watch as many times as you want. Also new courses are uploaded every week once the live event has happened, so if you can’t make the live event then you can buy it on-demand a week later. Why not come and try us out and see why our courses receive 5 stars on Google? Have a look at our courses here.

To celebrate our launch, we are offering 15% off on-demand course bookings, simply enter ONDEMAND15 at the checkout page. Offer ends Monday 15 March 2021 so make sure to get your CPD now!

Come along to one of our events and learn something new in healthcare.

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