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How to: Connect viewing and downloading images

A step-by-step guide on how to view and download your scan images, online:

How to: Connect viewing and downloading images

Posted on Wed Oct 26, 2022

The best way to access your scan images is by viewing them on our online community, Connect. If you wish to download your image files so that you can share them with your healthcare professional or hospital, please follow the steps below.

Step one:

Sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, sign in using the email that we contacted you with.

Step two:

Once you sign in, you will see your ‘Oryon Imaging Dashboard’ ; under ‘Latest updates’ click ‘View’ . You will be taken to your Referral page.

Step three:

Look for the box with the title ‘RESULTS’ and click the button ‘View Images’, it should look like the below image:

Step four:

A pop-up window should open with all the scan results. Each scan result will have two options, ‘View Images’ and ‘Download Images’ like the below image.
Please click ‘View Images’ for the best way to view your scan images, online. Choose ‘Download Images’ if you wish to download the files to your computer.

Step five:

Once you press ‘Download Images‘ another pop-up will open for you to confirm the download. Please press ‘Download’ and wait for the images to download (this may take a few minutes). Please note, if you are downloading your images for the first time, the browser may ask you if you trust the source, please press ‘Yes’ ‘Confirm’ or ‘Allow’ for the download to start.

Step six:

You image files will have downloaded as a zip file. These can now be sent to your healthcare professional or hospital for viewing on their own systems.

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