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Private Healthcare; a glimpse into the future

Have you ever wondered why private diagnostic healthcare is so important?

Private Healthcare; a glimpse into the future

Posted on Mon Nov 14, 2022

Well, we sat down with Vesta Zemaite, the Managing Director at Oryon to discuss why independent provision plays an important role within our healthcare system and how a forward thinking, innovative lead company is pushing to the forefront of accessible, affordable private healthcare.

Vesta Zemaite - Managing Director Oryon Imaging

The reality is that the NHS is overwhelmed with demand, resulting in long waiting times, and the backlog will get worse before it gets better. Waiting times for elective care have reached all-time high, with over 2 million patients currently having to wait more than 18 weeks for treatment.

A timely and accurate diagnosis is absolutely key in a patient’s journey to cure – there can be no treatment without diagnosis. By making diagnostic imaging more accessible, we can find diseases in early stages, monitor treatments effectively and, ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.

The cost is, of course, massively important to people. At Oryon, we believe private healthcare should be accessible and, therefore, we offer the most affordable best quality imaging hundreds of patients every week.”

At Oryon Imaging, patients are able to get their scan and their results within a day, consult their doctor, and make informed decisions on their treatment pathway. Simply, Oryon Imaging offers the most efficient and effective route to diagnosis.

When trying to determine what unique factors separates Oryon from the rest, Vesta Zemaite continued to tell us that:  

“Affordability is very important to us; we believe private healthcare should be accessible to people. We offer MRI scans from £250, which is often a lot more affordable than our competitors. 

We do this by operating an exceptionally efficient service 7 days a week, open from 8am till 11pm most days. 

But the unique factor is being able to offer affordable and excellent quality service. We place a huge emphasis on clinical quality and the overall customer experience. We believe and invest in modern and convenient solutions for our customers. 

We have developed a unique online platform used by healthcare practitioners to refer and pick up their patients’ results within a day; patients also use our community to book appointments and track their journey progress.” 

Vesta also mentions that Oryon as a brand hand in hand developed a unique ability to adapt very quickly.  

“We strive to make the healthcare pathway efficient, thus, technology is very important to us. We continue to invest in developing reliable systems, processes, and solutions. Our systems enable us to have an agile approach.” 

Oryon’s vision, and therefore the driving force behind everything they do, is to make the private healthcare accessible to more people in the UK.

Looking to book your diagnostic scan with Oryon Imaging? Why not see how Oryon Imaging can help you by visiting Oryon.co.uk/Imaging or calling our friendly team on 020 7042 1888.

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