How much does a private X-ray cost?

X-ray cost

How much does a private X-ray cost?

Posted on Wed Apr 21, 2021

The national average cost for a privately funded chest X-ray is £101, according to Private Healthcare UK. At Oryon Imaging, a single view X-ray costs just £55; just over half the national average.

Why go private?

We pride ourselves on providing affordable private healthcare that is accessible and efficient. Our X-ray patients are often people who are looking to take the first step towards a diagnosis, but don’t want to wait for an NHS appointment, which unfortunately can take a while for non-urgent scans.

X-ray on Wimpole Street

What do I get from the appointment?

At a cost of just £55, our patients get a quick, efficient scan at our clinic in London’s renowned Harley Street medical district, as well as a copy of their scan images on a CD and on their online account.

We also remain affordable for multiple view X-rays; for example, an X-ray of the elbow costs just £110 (since it requires two views, so £55 + £55).

Can I find the cost of an X-ray at Oryon Imaging online?

We have a handy Live prices widget, where you can get a good idea of availability and pricing for your X-ray. You can see when we have free slots, as well as how much your scan should cost. Find a slot you like and call or email us to book!

What does a ‘view’ mean?

A single view X-ray means we only need to take an X-ray from one view. For example, a standard chest X-ray requires just one X-ray camera positioning. If we need to reposition the X-ray camera and take more images, this adds to the price.

How do I book an X-ray appointment?

You’ll need to be referred to us to have an X-ray. A referral can come from any clinician with the relevant qualifications, including an (IR(ME)R) certificate.

You can send your referral to and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible (normally within one working day) to get you booked in.

If you don’t have a referral, we can also help with that! Just head over to Oryon Connect, where we can help to introduce you to a trusted practitioner who can refer you for the X-ray if necessary.

We are pleased to have a strong team of radiographers at Oryon, especially as we have seen an increase in demand for X-ray appointments in the last few weeks as more and more elective diagnostic imaging resumes. If you have any questions for us about your X-ray referral or an X-ray query, please contact us at

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