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Why Choose A Private Ultrasound?

What are the benefits of having a private ultrasound with Oryon.

Why Choose A Private Ultrasound?

Posted on Tue Aug 3, 2021

An ultrasonic scan is a medical procedure that captures live images from inside your body using high-frequency sound waves. It’s also known as sonography.

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasonic scan is a medical procedure that captures live images from inside your body using high-frequency sound waves. It’s also known as sonography.

Ultrasound, unlike other imaging procedures, does not use radiation. As a result, it’s the most common way to see a developing foetus during pregnancy and is used for many other medical diagnostics.

What are the benefits of choosing a private ultrasound?

There has never been a better time to opt for private healthcare and there are many reasons why going private may be the best solution for you. With the NHS inundated with the recent pandemic and dealing with months of backlog, the long wait times can often lead to late diagnostics and often lead to an increase in anxiety for many people. Going private not only gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule but also gives you faster diagnostic and earlier reassurance.

Why choose Oryon?

At Oryon we offer the most accessible and affordable diagnostic imaging, we believe that access to quick and effective diagnosis should be possible for everyone. We are a leading service within our field, recognisable for the top-quality service we provide, from being efficient, having a compassionate team of professionals, and being modern in our approach to healthcare. Oryon specialises in consultant-led ultrasounds, this means all our exams are performed and reported by our expert Consultant Radiologists. Oryon has a wealth of Consultants available, each with their own specialities and areas of interest, ensuring that your ultrasound is tailored specifically to you and your needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are receiving the best quality care.

What are the costs of private ultrasound scans?

We pride ourselves on being affordable, straightforward, and efficient service. Ultrasound prices at Oryon start from £265, which is below the national average cost which is normally priced above £358 for an Ultrasound on the abdomen (according to Private Healthcare UK). So not only will the ultrasound cost about £100 less than the national average, but you can rest assured that we take a consultant-led approach.

Considering booking with us?

At Oryon we cut your wait time in half. Our clients sometimes receive same-day appointments depending on availability, we aim to have you seen within 7 days of your initial enquiry. We are provable a time convenient and efficient service. After arriving at our clinic in the renowned Harley Street medical district in London, you can expect to be there for no more than an hour – from signing in, seeing your Consultant Radiologists, and checking out again. Whether you’re looking to book abdominal ultrasounds, pelvic scans including many other regions- choosing to go private for ultrasound scans at Oryon is a great choice.

To get an idea of our availability and pricing, we have a Live Prices widget that you can access. This will show you all the free slots available to you and what they will cost.

What do you need to make an appointment?

You’ll need to be referred to us by a qualified clinician to have an Ultrasound. Then you simply choose the most convenient time and the date and email us to book!

You can send your referral to imaging@oryon.co.uk and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible (normally within one working day) to get you booked in.

If you’re unable to obtain a referral, please use our Oryon Connect service. Through Oryon Connect we can introduce you to expert clinicians who can refer you for an ultrasound if needed.

For further information on our ultrasound services, click the button below.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about your ultrasound referral, you can contact us at imaging@oryon.co.uk

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