Recognising Mental Health Concerns in Young Adults and What You Can Do to Help

In the UK, we are facing a mental health crisis; 1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem every week.

When treating a young person for an MSK issue, it is likely that you may be in a position to notice that someone is struggling with a mental health issue. Allied health professionals are becoming more aware of mental health, even if their speciality is unrelated, but might not be in a position to recognise issues they encounter in their patients.

Could you spot the ‘red flags’ that mean that someone is at serious risk? When should you advise a patient to seek mental health support? Is there anything we can do as allied health professionals to support a patient experiencing a mental illness? Is it best to ignore the issue - just treat their injured knee and move on - or should we be having conversations with a patient about their mental health?

Dr Adhiraj Joglekar, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, has created this evening talk to provide an introductory overview on psychiatric knowledge and mental health conditions facing us all today – focusing on young people.

Over the course of the evening, we will discuss the symptoms and signs of several conditions you could come across in practice. Dr Joglekar will offer his advice on how the primary care professional can support a young person suffering from a mental illness, and will talk about management options. In addition to this, Dr Joglekar will outline the red flags that should not be missed and should trigger onward referral to a Psychiatrist.

Conditions discussed will include:

  • Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorders)
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating)
  • Early onset psychosis (schizophrenia etc)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD)
After attending this course, you will be confident that you can recognise the signs that someone has, or is at risk of developing, a mental health concern. You will also be aware of the steps you can take to support patients with mental health issues. 


  • An introduction to mental health concerns – symptoms and signs
  • Management options – how the allied health professional can help
  • What to do if you are concerned and onward referral 


Adhiraj Joglekar

Consultant Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist | London Central and West

Dr. Joglekar provides an expertise in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD, Psychosis, Mood and Anxiety Disorders as well as Eating Disorders among other conditions in children, adolescents, and young adults.

Dr. Joglekar has worked for over 24 years in mental health and has been a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist for over 10 years after having spent over a decade working in General Adult Psychiatry. He led and developed a Trust Award winning Adolescent Service in West London.

Other than seeing children and teenagers, Dr. Joglekar is able to provide a service to adults as well. Dr. Joglekar is trained and approved to undertake work in legal statutes such as the Mental Health Act if need be.

Dr. Joglekar uses pragmatic talking treatments, combining different approaches such as - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Systemic and Psychodynamic thinking with medication as appropriate.

Dr Joglekar finds working with young people and families hugely gratifying and would be glad to be of assistance.

Having worked in Bombay for nearly a decade and over the past 14 years in London, two buzzing cosmopolitan cities have allowed Dr. Joglekar to train and work in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. He is multi-lingual and fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and also quite familiar with Gujarati.

What's included

Admission to course, 2 hours CPD, tea and coffee and light refreshments (biscuits, fruit), handout booklet provided at registration containing speaker's slides / presentation, Certificate of Attendance.

Who should attend

Chiropractors,Osteopaths,Physiotherapists,Podiatrists,Sports Therapists,Hand Therapists,Radiographers,Occupational Therapists,GP

Date and time

Wednesday 18th September

19:00 - 21:00


Adhiraj Joglekar

Consultant Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist


Novotel London Brentford

Great West Road, Brentford



£ 39 + VAT


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